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At Two Valley Produce (Fiji) we pride ourselves on providing our customers with pure Kava root dried powder ethically sourced from Indigenous Fijian and Vanuatuan farmers located across the Pacific Islands.

Our mission is to help the farmers of remote communities gain access to new markets by delivering their exceptional quality Kava produce in an ethical manner.

From Kava tea to tincture and other liquid forms, this rejuvenating shrub has been warmly embraced by the Western world in recent years. With Two Valley Produce, it has never been easier to order pure Kava roots online, with efficient delivery straight to your door.

Bulk Kava roots and dried powder available online, with Two Valley Produce

We produce various Noble Kava strains from across the Pacific Islands. We don't use any cutting agents or additives when making our dried Waka Kava powder.

In addition, Two Valley Produce only supplies Kava roots that contain the highest percentage of Kavalactone (a class of lactone compounds found in the kava shrub). Treat yourself to the highest quality Kava roots which have been dried in a quality controlled environment and meticulously packed. 

From individual retail-ready packaged products to bulk quantities that you can package yourself on-site, Two Valley Produce offers a vast array of order options to cater for your unique needs.

Shop online for Kava, delivered World-wide

From Instant Dehydrated Kava 150g to Dried Kava Root Powder 500g and Micronized Kava 150 varieties; Two Valley Produce sources the finest quality Kava products from remote communities across the Pacific Islands and offers it to you online with efficient delivery to your door anywhere in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and a number of other countries. 

Local Sustainable Farming

Two Valley Produce (Fiji) was established with the vision and goal of assisting indigenous Fijian, Tongan and Vanuatuan farmers to gain access to new markets for their produce through participation in fair trade activities.

Quality Assurance

We only harvest mature plants of 4+ years of age. We provide high quality dried 100% Waka root (not lewena or stem) for our Fijian and Vanuatuan varieties. This is how we provide the high Kavalactone levels within our product.

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