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At Two Valley Produce, our Kava is ethically sourced from Pacific Islands farming communities, available for delivery straight to your doorstep anywhere in Canada. We specialise in providing dried 100% Waka root with no Lewena or stem.

Our Kava plants are matured for at least four years before the roots are dried and packaged for you to enjoy in Canada. Kava is rapidly growing in popularity across Western markets; Its thought offer stress and anxiety-reducing properties as well as alleviate muscle tension, relieve pain and even prevent seizures.

Browse our expansive range of affordable Kava products online, and rest assured that the proceeds go towards supporting the remote Pacific Island farming communities that we source our Kava from.


Superior quality Kava available to buy online in Canada

When you shop online with Two Valley Produce, we provide a Certificate of Analysis report for peace of mind that youre consuming 100% pure Kava with no additives or preservatives.

Rather than stockpiling our Kava, our team deliberately keeps our shipments small to ensure it remain fresh. Our products are also completely free of pesticides and other contaminants.

The entire selection of Two Valley Produce Kava is accredited by reputable authorities, and we vigilantly test our Kava roots on a regular basis. From individually packaged retail-ready products to bulk wholesale quantities, we’ve got all your Kava needs sorted. We import the popular Noble strains of Vula Kasa Leka, Yalu and Donaboka Loa.


Why buy bulk Kava online in Canada with Two Valley Produce?

  • Our product is ethically sourced and sustainably farmed
  • We don’t use cutting agents, nor do we use the stem
  • Our Kava is carefully dried in a controlled environment, before being packaged by experts and efficiently delivered to your door, anywhere in Canada

At Two Valley Produce, we are passionate about helping the Kava farmers of remote Pacific Island communities gain access to Western markets. We supply outstanding quality Kava in a variety of forms; from instant dehydrated Kava and dried Kava root powder, to micronized Kava, and more.

Please note that Kava should not be consumed by anyone who is pregnant, breastfeeding, currently taking prescription medication, or under the age of 18.


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