Buy Bulk Kava in Europe for Affordable Prices, with Two Valley Produce

Two Valley Produce supplies dried 100% Waka root (no Lewena or stem), sourced ethically from remote communities in the Pacific Islands. We mature our Kava plants for a minimum of four years to ensure an exceptional quality product.

Kava is known for reducing stress and anxiety, as well as relieving muscle tension and providing countless other physical and mental health benefits. It has grown increasingly popular in Western markets recently.

Two Valley Produce offers competitive pricing for our premium quality Kava products, and the proceeds help to support remote farming communities in the Pacific Islands.


We are your ideal solution for buying bulk Kava in Europe

Rest assured, our Kava is meticulously tested for purity, with a Certificate of Analysis report included with every purchase for your peace of mind. There are no additives or preservatives in our selection of Kava products, and Two Valley Produce works closely alongside our farmers to ensure 100% quality.

If you require larger quantities of our Kava products for resale, Two Valley Produce can arrange bespoke wholesale solutions on request, tailored to accommodate your specific needs.

We only supply Kava which is farmed sustainably, and we don’t use cutting agents (nor do we use the stem). Our highly trained team dries our Kava roots in a controlled environment, before carefully packaging the finished product for delivery right across Europe.


Why buy Kava from Two Valley Produce in Europe?

Aside from the fact that we supply the finest quality Kava products from the Pacific Islands (including highly sought-after Noble strains such as Vula Kasa Leka, Yalu and Donaboka Loa), our team is highly committed to helping these remote farming communities gain access to Western markets.

Our Kava can be consumed as tea, tincture or various other methods, and rest assured it is completely free of pesticides and other contaminants. Two Valley Produce supplies dried Kava root powder, instant dehydrated Kava, micronized Kava and whole green Kava, just to name a few varieties.

Please note, Kava is not safe for consumption if you are:

  • Pregnant
  • Breastfeeding
  • Under the age of 18
  • Currently taking prescription medication (consult with your doctor first)
  • Under the influence of alcohol


Our team is here to assist with any queries

Got questions about our superb Kava products and efficient delivery services? Thats what we are here for! Please dont hesitate to contact us, and a friendly member of our team will provide a prompt response to your query.

We encourage you to first check out our FAQ page, as you may find that weve already answered your question there.

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