How Kava is Traditionally Prepared

Below, you’ll find recipes for preparing Kava using traditional methods, so that you can enjoy it the way it should be prepared. Regardless of whether you’re using traditional grind Kava or instant Kava powder, the quantities suggested in these recipes are based on the assumption that you are consuming pure, high quality noble Kava products, like the ones available in our online store.


Traditional Grind Kava


  • Approximately 35-40g of traditional grind Kava powder
  • Strainer bag (either a classic “Fijian-style” strainer bag, food-grade strainer or a clean cheesecloth, sock or nylon stocking)
  • Approximately 600ml of water that’s around 35-40 degrees Celsius


The traditional method for preparing Kava

Scoop your desired quantity of Kava into the strainer bag, before holding the strainer over an empty bowl. Pour the lukewarm water into the strainer bag, and be sure that the powder doesn’t overflow out of the bag.

Leave this to sit in the bowl for a couple of minutes, as this will help to loosen up some of the tougher fibres. Twist your strainer shut and squeeze all excess air out of it. Knead the bag of powder inside the bowl of water until the water is thick, brown and slightly oily. This texture means the Kavalactones have been released into the drink, which is what you want.

Knead for a maximum of 10 minutes, before squeezing the bag to get those last dregs of water from the root particles. Your Kava is ready to consume – enjoy!


The quick/blender method for preparing Kava

Scoop your desired quantity of Kava into a blender, and add cold water at a ratio of about 1g Kava powder to 10ml of water (or 15ml if you prefer your Kava tea to be slightly weaker). Blend the mixture on the “high” setting for 3-4 minutes, and then pour it into your strainer bag over a clean empty bowl. Squeeze the bag to get the remnants out, and your Kava tea is ready to serve.


How to drink traditional grind powder Kava tea

Generally speaking, Kava should be consumed quickly in half-a-cup portions so that the sediments don’t settle at the bottom of the bowl. Consider having a chaser ready to combat the earthy after-taste – a slice of fruit, perhaps.

It can take a little while for you to start feeling the effects of the Kavalactones, so make sure you have 15-20 minute intervals in-between servings. For best results, try to eat at least 3-4 hours prior to drinking Kava so that your stomach isn’t full.


Dehydrated Instant Kava


  • Approximately 3-6 teaspoons of instant Kava
  • Approximately 2 cups of cold water or other flavoured drink that you prefer


Preparing dehydrated instant Kava tea

Put 3-6 teaspoons of instant Kava into your chosen drink and stir thoroughly.


How to drink dehydrated instant Kava tea

Due to the extraction process being different to regular Kava root, you don’t need to worry about all the Kava sediment settling at the bottom of the cup. You still might prefer to have a chaser if consuming with water, as the earthy taste can be unpleasant.


Quick tips for best results when preparing and consuming Kava

  • Kavalactones don’t dissolve in water – when preparing traditional grind Kava, it’s the kneading and crushing with the aid of water that releases Kavalactones into the beverage.
  • Don’t be disheartened if you don’t experience any effects the first couple of times you consume Kava – it often has a “reverse tolerance” effect where people don’t feel the effects until they’ve consumed the tea several times.
  • While warmer water might produce higher potency, it also brings a stronger taste which is increasingly unpleasant the hotter the water is.
  • Always use a straining bag to prepare traditional grind Kava. This protects you from consuming hard fibres, which can lead to stomach aches and nausea.


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You can also learn more basic information about Kava, the different types available and how we test for quality and purity



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