High Quality Mature Kava Roots from the South Pacific Islands

At Two Valley Produce, we’re only interested in supplying the highest quality Kava available. This is why we source our Waka roots from remote farming communities in the South Pacific Islands, with high levels of Kavalactone for superior benefits.

Our point of difference is that we mature our Noble strains of Vula Kasa Leka, Yalu and Donaboka Loa for a minimum of four years before drying it in controlled conditions and packaging it with care.

Our team also disposes of the Lewena and the stem, leaving you with 100% dried Waka root for relieving pain and muscle tension. Rest assured, all of our products are completely free of additives, preservatives, cutting agents, pesticides and any other unwanted contaminants.

You’ll even find a Certificate of Analysis report from fully accredited authorities included in your package – that’s how passionate we are about supplying people with authentic Kava products that provide a whole host of mental and physical health benefits.


We work with South Pacific Island farming communities to source the best Kava roots

From small portions for individual use, to commercial wholesale quantities that can be bought and delivered in bulk; Two Valley Produce can accommodate every purchasing amount.

From the South Pacific Islands to your door, we offer competitive pricing which helps to support the remote farming communities that our Kava is sourced from.

The Two Valley Produce team maintains a close working relationship with the farmers we partner with, and we regularly test our own Kava products to ensure 100% purity. When you shop with us, you can enjoy peace of mind that you’re buying the best Kava roots on the market.


Mature Kava roots with high levels of Kavalactone, at affordable prices

Whether you opt for our instant dehydrated Kava, Noble Vanuatuan Waka Kava Root, micronized Kava varieties or otherwise; you are purchasing mature high quality Kava that has been consumed by South Pacific Island communities for countless generations. Our selection is ideal for consumption in the form of tea, tincture and capsules.

Please note that Kava is not suitable for consumption if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, under the age of 18, or under the influence of alcohol.


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