Buy 100% Pure Kava Online from Tonga

If you’re interested in purchasing high quality pure Tongan Kava then Two Valley Produce is your ideal solution. Our Kava products are of exceptional quality; ethically sourced from remote farming communities in Tonga and offered to you for affordable prices.

With numerous Kava strains available in a wide range of varieties to consume in your own preferred way, you will find yourself spoilt for choice with our selection of Kava products available for delivery to your door anywhere in the United States, Canada, New Zealand and other regions.


From Fiji to Tonga, buy the best Kava available online today

We specialise in helping South Pacific Island Kava farmers gain access to wider markets, by supplying their impeccably grown Kava from Fiji, Tonga and Vanuatu to the United States, Canada, Australasia or other regions around the world.

First we dry the Kava in a quality controlled environment and then our highly experienced team processes it into Instant Dehydrated KavaMicronized Kava or the most traditional form Kava root powder for those who prefer our dried Waka Root Powder varieties.

Our vast array of noble Kava strains hold the highest percentage of Kavalactone for a superior quality product


Enjoy the revitalising effects of Kava, with our great range of Kava products available to buy online from Tonga

Two Valley Produce provides efficient delivery straight to your door from Tonga, and our Kava products require very little preparation to enjoy in the same natural way that native South Pacific Island communities have been enjoying it for many years.


Drop us a line

The Two Valley Produce team is here to help with any queries you have about our products and services in Tonga, and Australasia in general. To speak with a friendly team member from our Fijian or Australian office, please submit an enquiry via our contact page and we will respond to your query as soon as possible.

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