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Two Valley Produce ethically sources the finest quality Kava from indigenous farmers and supplies it to the American market in various forms – from Kava roots to micronized and dehydrated instant varieties.

Not only do we maintain a close personal relationship with each farmer in our supply chain, but we are 100% committed to ensuring our products are of the highest quality. Our Kava has some of the highest levels of Kavalactone you can buy in the USA and is remarkably exclusive.

Rather than leaving our Noble Kava varieties to spoil or perish in a warehouse for extended periods of time, we keep our shipments small to ensure that our Kava products remain fresh; from the Pacific Islands to your door, right across the United States.


Two Valley Produce is your one-stop shop to buy Kava in the USA

At Two Valley Produce, we conduct regular audits and testing to ensure our Kava roots and dried powder is 100% pure, and free of additives and other unwanted contaminants.

Whatever your unique Kava needs are in the USA, Two Valley Produce can tailor our services to accommodate you. We supply Micronized Kava, Dried Waka Root PowderInstant Dehydrated Kava and numerous other popular varieties. Our services also extend to New Zealand and Canada and other regions across the globe.

Whether you require packaged products that are ready to be placed on the retail shelf, or bulk supply that you can divide and package yourself; Two Valley Produce is your #1 destination to buy Kava in the USA.


From farm-to-door in the USA; buy fresh Kava online

Two Valley Produce was born out of a deep-seeded passion for bringing the purest, finest quality Kava from the Pacific Islands to the people of the United States, whilst simultaneously helping to support remote communities in Fiji and Vanuatu and the surrounding areas.

When you buy bulk Kava in the USA from Two Valley Produce you can enjoy peace of mind that you are purchasing Fair Trade, ethically sourced premium Kava produce.


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For more information about Two Valley Produce’s Kava products, delivery methods and bespoke solutions, please drop us a line. Our friendly team is based in Fiji and Australia and we are happy to assist with any queries you may have.

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