What Forms Can I Buy Kava in?

Kava comes in various forms, each of which need to be prepared in their own unique way for best results during consumption. Here’s a breakdown of the different forms of Kava you can purchase, as well as the varying effects that each “type” of Kava can deliver.


Dried Kava Root (or Traditional Grind Kava)

  • The traditional way to prepare and consume Kava
  • Most cost-efficient form of Kava to purchase
  • We’ve provided easy-to-follow instructions for preparing traditional grind Kava, and both Fijian and Vanuatuan varieties are available in our online store


Dehydrated Instant Kava

  • Suitable choice for first-time Kava drinkers
  • Quicker and easier preparation process than traditional grind (no straining or kneading – simply stir it into your favourite drink)
  • Extracted from freshly harvested Kava roots using a natural cold water process
  • Fine, smooth powder of varying potencies, based on your specific preferences
  • We supply Instant Dehydrated Noble Kava from Fiji in our online store


Ready-to-Drink Kava

  • Pre-mixed Kava drinks that are ready to open and consume
  • Can be stored at room temperature for up to 12 months before consumption
  • Quality ready-to-drink Kava products don’t have any additives or preservatives


Micronized Kava

  • Involves the same process we use to produce traditional grind Kava, but we grind the roots so fine that the powder can be mixed into your drink the same as our instant Kava products
  • Any remaining hard fibres are removed to prevent the risk of stomach aches and nausea occurring
  • We supply Noble Fijian Waka Micronized Kava in our online store


What effects do the varying Kavalactone chemotypes produce?

As we discuss in more detail on our basic information page, different combinations and compositions of Kavalactone properties will result in different symptoms across the range of Kava products available. Generally, you can choose your preferred type of Kava based on the following three effects.



  • Higher concentrations of Kavain and Yangonin
  • Typically encourages an uplifting and cheerful mood
  • Promotes relaxation without drowsiness
  • Ideal for social day-time drinking, alleviating stress and inspiring creativity



  • More evenly balanced ratios of Kavalactones across the board
  • Popular choice, suitable for both day and night consumption
  • Commonly enjoyed by beginners and experienced Kava drinkers alike
  • Promotes calmness, relaxation and peace without clouding the mind or causing lethargy



  • Higher concentrations of Dihydrokavain, Dihydromethysticin and Methysticin
  • Produces more of a sedating effect that targets your body rather than your brain
  • Ideally an evening drink, better suited to relaxing the body after a hard day of work
  • Slightly more bitter taste than other varieties, with typically longer-lasting effects


Would you like more information?

At Two Valley Produce, we’re happy to help you find the ideal Kava product to cater for your unique needs. To speak with a friendly member of our professional team, feel free to drop us a line today.

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