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At Two Valley Produce, we specialise in the wholesale trade of ethically sourced Kava roots from remote Pacific Islands communities to USA, Canada, Europe and numerous other regions around the globe. 

We only harvest mature plants, and we offer high quality dried 100% Waka root (not Lewena or stem) for our Fijian and Vanuatuan varieties. This is how Two Valley Produce is able provide the high Kavalactone levels that make our product so sought-after by consumers all over the world. 

Kava is rapidly growing in popularity across Western markets. With our convenient wholesale solutions, you can supply high-grade Kava products to your customers for affordable prices.

Let your customers enjoy this herbal supplement the same way the local natives of South Pacific Island communities enjoy it. At Two Valley Produce, we make a point of maintaining a close personal relationship with each farmer in our supply chain to ensure 100% quality.

Your premier destination to buy wholesale Kava online

When you buy wholesale kava online through us, you are supporting the farmers of remote communities in Fiji, Vanuatu and other South Pacific Islands communities. Choose between Instant Dehydrated Kava, Dried Kava Root Powder, Micronized Kava, and more.

Our quality wholesale Kava is tested and inspected on an ongoing basis, as well as certified by all necessary reputable authorities. Two Valley Produce provides our customers with a unique Certificate of Analysis report (COA) stating the Kavalactone level, heavy metal and biological analysis of each specific batch to provide peace of mind that you are receiving an exceptional quality product.

From individually packaged retail-ready products to bulk quantities that can packaged by your own employees before sale to your customers, we offer a diverse range of wholesale Kava options for clients around the world.

Why buy wholesale Kava online from Two Valley Produce?

  • It is sustainably farmed
  • We don’t use cutting agents
  • Our Kava is dried in a controlled environment before being packaged with care
  • Our plants are matured for 4+ years
  • Tested and certified by reputable authorities
  • We supply high quality dried 100% Waka root

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